I'm Daniel McFadden

Developer by day, designer by night, but always a fashion icon.

I live to design, create, and build unique interfaces for complex
technology so it is accessible to everyone — not just the target audience.

I enjoy all things colour and typography.

From Philadelphia to Galway

I moved to Galway, Ireland when I was 19 years and 3 days old to study Computer Science and Information Technology at NUIGalway.

I became heavily involved in socieites such as: International Student Society, Circus Society, and even the Students Union as the first ever elected International Students Officer.

Studying, StuDYING, and Travelling...

Being abroad for 4 years allowed me to connect with others from all over, not just at my unviersity but also while travelling. I have gotten to visit 24 amazing European countries and 14 Irish counties.

Travelling opened me up to new places, people, and consider cultural differences. In this fast paced and inter-connected globalised world, it’s a key part of how I work.