About Me

Aside from being an award winning actor and a friend to all animals, there are a few things you might not know about me. I watch way too many cooking, cleaning and lifestyle videos. I moved to Galway on my own at 18 and have gotten lost on busses too many times to count. I love chicken nuggets and equally chicken goujons; but if the nuggets are in the shape of dinosaurs, then those are most preferred. My current investments are cooking, decorating for the holidays, building an app to manage living with housemates, and attempting to find time for exercise.

Coming to Ireland alone, I got super involved in university and currently am an intern for the volunteering programme at NUI Galway, ALIVE. I enjoy working with kids and giving back to the community in any way. I am also involved in the LGBTQ+ society -- GiGSoc -- where I currently hold the position of Vice-Chair. Some personal contributions have been integrating pronoun announcements for every guest speaker we host, bonding the committee and the members together as one, and filming promo videos for our annual Drag Race Competition. I enjoy drinking nice cups of coffee (or tea!), working on new projects, and reading up on futuristic technologies.

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