I have gotten involved in Open Source Software projects on Github, as well as my own personal projects outlined below. All of my university assignments are also uploaded.

Animal Adopt

Animal Adopt is an Angular 7 app that was built as a way for me to deep dive into more complex parts of the MVC architecture. I extensively used Routers, Forms, Pipes, and Services in this app to get a better grasp of them.

This was my first project where I integrated CI tools into my testing and building process to mock a real development environment.

Pantry For Good

Pantry For Good is a result of a project from Free-Code-Camp. Previous graduates of the programme created this web-app to help local sour kitchens keep track of their resources and needs.

This was my first OSS contribution. It also helped me to learn using Git in a team environment. Forecast

This simple app takes your current location, uses a weather API from APIXU, and returns forecast data for the upcoming week. Future iterations will include a setting for switching between measuring systems and an hourly forecast bar.

This was my first use of API’s and API tokens.


Uni-Bites is a web-app that compares, contrasts and presents the cafe and deli services on the NUI Galway campus in a format aimed to save students money, while supporting friendly and ethical business practices. It is the result of a 2nd year project in CT216: Software Engineering, taught by Dr. Enda Barrett.

This was a group project and I was the SCRUM team master.